Berlin Bombshells become Bear City Roller Derby


About eight years ago, eight women came together to play roller derby in Berlin. These young women who created the Berlin Bombshells have paved the way to making the team one of the top 10 in European roller derby.
From a handful of women came one of the largest roller derby leagues in Germany, now with more than 80 members. Besides two official travel teams, the league also includes a Talent Pool (Breaking Bears) as well as referees and non-skating officials (NSOs). In addition, the league is proud to have created the first junior derby in Germany.

The league has been known unofficially as Bear City Roller Derby for some time, but with the recent advancement of the league, it is important that the name is inclusive of all its members. With the new official name Bear City Roller Derby (BCRD), we aim to unite all members. Players from the A- and B-teams and the rest of the BCRD, referees, NSOs (Bearly Legal – Bear City Roller Derby Officials) and Juniors (Bear City Junior Derby), will all fall under the umbrella of Bear City Roller Derby.

Under the new name and the new logo is a strong community. All people, regardless of origin, gender, skin color, social background, religious affiliation or disability, are welcome.

Von der Bär-Stadt in die Bier-Stadt und wieder zurück


Vom 3.-5. Juni war unser A-Team in den USA, um an dem Midwest BrewHaHa-Turnier teilzunehmen. Stattgefunden hat das Turnier in Milwaukee. Die Stadt, die den Spitznamen Brew-City trägt. Dank einiger Großbrauereien war Milwaukee im 19. Jahrhundert als amerikanische Bierhauptstadt bekannt. Dreimal dürft ihr raten, wer das Bier damals nach Milwaukee gebracht hat …“The Germans“!
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Bear City Roller Derby Visitors Day


You always wanted to know how Roller Derby works? Or what a leadjammer is? Or what the difference between a pivot and a blocker is? Or you always wanted to know how you can be part of Bear City Roller Derby, but have never skated or played sports before?

Then just come by and check us out! On the 30th of April, Bear City will hold a visitors day and YOU as well as all you friends, family, colleges, children and so on are invited.


We explain to you how to play Roller Derby and how you can get involved with this wonderful sport. There will be drinks, snacks and a surprise!

When: 30th of April from 15:30 on
Where: Please write to us at for the location!

15:30-16:30: What is Roller Derby and how does it work?
16:30-17:15: Pretty in Pink or What are NSOs there for?
17:30-20:00 Surprise!
20:00: Beer with the Bears (Bar TBD)

You want to come? Write to us at or let us know in the comments of our facebook event!

We are excited for all of you to come!
Bear City Roller Derby

Ab in die Staaten – Bear City auf nach Milwaukee!


Auch in diesem Jahr zieht es uns in die Staaten, um unseren Platz als eines der Top-D2-Teams zu verteidigen.
Den ersten Stopp dieser Saison legen wir mitten im Herzen der USA, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, ein. Vom 3.- 5. Juni nehmen wir an dem Midwest BrewHaHa-Turnier teil. Doch um dorthin zu gelangen, brauchen wir wieder Eure Hilfe! Wenn Ihr den ein oder anderen Euro übrig habt, dann ermöglicht Euren Lieblingsrollerderby-Spielerinnen die Reise über den großen Teich.
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