The Heat Is On – Florida Diary

On April 28th a majority of our A-team boarded the flight to Ft. Lauderdale, to take part in the Beach Brawl tournament hosted by Gold Coast Derby girls. This tournament offered the opportunity to play against higher ranked american teams and a big possibility for us to climb rankings – with a chance to qualify for the WFTDA Division 2-playoffs.

Tampa4 After a brief 2-day-acclimatizing period, filled with sunny excursions in Fort Lauderdale and pool parties in our own house pool, we hit the road for the tours first pitch stop: Tampa and the girls of Tampa Roller Derby. The game against Tampa, a WFTDA sanctioned bout against a D1-team, definitively proved to be one of the toughest games this week. After a long travel from Fort Lauderdale to Tampa, we found ourselves changing into our team jerseys in what could have been the tiniest locker room in history. Warm-up then took place during an ongoing Junior Derby tournament. As the game started, it soon became evident that the force of the Tampa Girls was hard to stop. Perhaps were also the foreign heat and the long days travel our enemies on the track. The game ended with the scores standing at 294 – 94, assuring Tampa Roller Derby the win. Read more