Beginner & Intermediates Bootcamp with the Bears


Bear City’s A Team, the WFTDA 20, reached their incredible goal this year – qualifying for the WFTDA D1 Playoffs! We don’t want to deprive you of the accumulated knowledge of five playoffs in a row!

To bring this knowledge to you, we’re offering a Bootcamp for Beginners and Intermediates on the weekend of the 17th and 18th of November! All skaters (female and non-binary) with or without their MST are welcome!

This is what you’ll get
We will offer parallel sessions, which are tailored to your skill level, regardless if you’ve passed your MST.

On both days, there are on-skates sessions and off-skates seminars with lots of exercises and tips and tricks. On-skates, you will discover new jamming, blocking and packwork strategies. Off-track seminars include: Basic Rules Knowledge, Basic Strategies and Fitness & Stretching for Derby. We will also offer a beginners seminar to help you prepare for the MST.

Finally, there is a scrimmage, White Witches vs. Black Banshees, where our skaters who already have their MST can apply their newly learned techniques and strategies. For those without an MST yet, there are two options: You can watch and ask our bouttenders any questions about specific situations, rules, and strategies, or you can try out a NSO position together with our experience NSOs – because we all know, without our beloved Officials our sport would not be possible!

A link to the detailed timetable will be sent to you after registration and payment. Sessions will run from approximately 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM on Saturday, November 17, and from approximately 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Sunday, November 18. The seminars and sessions are held in English, but we can provide additional details in German, when needed.

Don’t miss the chance to be on track with our A Team! Learn from: 030 Jane van Pain • 05 Vanda Void • 1 The Lexecutioner • 105 Furrocious • 109 Emmazon • 112 Polly Trauma • 114 Fridi Mercury • 159 Dyke Fight • 166 Sabi Smackdown • 180 Miss Zoffi • 190 Peanut Butter Panic • 2 Master Blaster • 23 Sixxi Blitz • 247 Catherine Beat-Her Bonez • 25 Mia Missile • 42 Lizzy Slaughter • 53 Rookie Horror • 666 Hannah Satana • 730 Toughie Summers • Bench Team: Daniel • anna • Kata Pulta

Participation Fee & Orga Stuff
PARTICIPATION FEE: €90.00 EUR. Due within 14 days after receiving the registration confirmation.
Are you thinking about a league trip with 10 or more people? Sweet, just contact PRIOR TO YOUR REGISTRATION and you’ll receive a special price!

PAYMENT: You will find the payment details in the registration confirmation email, along with an invoice and other useful information. Your spot is SECURED only once you pay the full participation fee!

CANCELLATION: Everything can always happen. If you cancel before 28.10., you’ll receive a full refund of your participation fee. If you cancel after 28.10., but before 10.11., a 50% cancellation fee will be paid. If you cancel after 10.11., we cannot offer you a refund for the fee. We are very happy to help you to swap your spot inside your league or with other last minute participants. Please email us with the new participant’s information in order to avoid delays on Bootcamp day.

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