Call for Speakers – EROC

Dear wonderful derby community out there!

EROC 2019 is taking place at the beginning of February and we can’t wait to get together once again!

EROC is a great opportunity for you to share your voice, contribute solutions you’ve found and implemented to commonly shared issues, inject your input, and give food for thought to the entire European Derby Community. Together we want to keep learning and evolving!

We are looking for motivated speakers from the derby world, but also from different fields of expertise who are willing to put together a structured presentation on a topic or issue they consider to be important and to present it at EROC. We are planning on holding both sessions (with bigger audiences in a frontal lesson style) and workshops (where the speaker and participants will be able to work together on the concepts and delve deeper into them), so whichever your style, you’re welcome at EROC!

Are you interested or do you know people who might be? Please get in touch with us!
Fill out this form and let us know on what you would like to hold a session or workshop on!

We hope to hear from a lot from you!

The EROC team