Advanced Bootcamp with the Bears 04.08.2019


Bear City’s A Team, the WFTDA 20, is again travelling across the globe, playing against challenging and innovative opponents, and learning a lot along the way! As we love sharing our combined knowledge and experience, we’re offering a bootcamp for intermediate and advanced players (German Bundesliga 3./2. Divison). Our bootcamp will take place on Sunday, 4 August in Berlin (Germany), and registration is open to all female and non-binary players who have successfully passed their MST.

This is what you’ll get
From 10:00 to 18:00, you’ll get the opportunity to take part in structured sessions covering a broad range of topics, including: expanding and implementing your jammer tools; communicating with offence; reforming defence; getting creative with starts; and varying offence strategies.
Complementing our on-skates activities, we are also offering vital off-skates sessions with plyometrics and stretching for derby, as well as seminars to mentally prepare for your games, with an emphasis on away games and tournaments.
We will host parallel sessions, so you can choose the most interesting topics for you, and your game play.

To round up this action-packed day – and to give you the chance to show off some of your newly learned skills and tactics – we will run a full-length scrimmage: White Witches vs. Black Banshees. If you do not want to take part on-skates, we’ll gladly invite you to join our experienced officials crew – because, as we all know, it’s our talented officials that make our incredible sport possible!

A link to the detailed timetable will be sent to you approximately two weeks before the bootcamp, and after we received your payment. The seminars and sessions are held in English, but we will provide additional details in German, when needed.

Don’t miss the chance to be on track with our A Team! Learn from: 030 Jane van Pain • 1 The Lexecutioner • 109 Emmazon • 11 Wylverine • 1111 Maya Mangleyou • 112 Polly Trauma • 114 Fridi Mercury • 166 Sabi Smackdown • 180 Miss Zoffi • 21 Bambickel • 2323 Vitturia • 247 Bonez • 25 Mia Missile • 253 Skaroteena • 3708 Master Blaster • 42 Lizzy Slaughter • 53 Rookie Horror • 56 Slay Jude • 666 Hannah Satana • 77 FoXy Führer • Bench Staff: Daniel • Kata Pulta • Paul • Wild Sphinx

Participation Fee & Orga Stuff
PARTICIPATION FEE: €50.00. Due within 14 days of receiving the registration confirmation.
Are you thinking about a league trip with 8 or more people? Awesome! Just contact PRIOR TO YOUR REGISTRATION and you’ll receive a special price!

PAYMENT: You will find the payment details in the registration confirmation email, along with an invoice, and other useful information. Your spot is only SECURED once we receive the full participation fee!

CANCELLATION: Life is full of surprises, and anything could happen to disrupt your plan. If you cancel before 19 July, you’ll receive a full refund of your participation fee. If you cancel after that, but before seven days of the event, you will receive a 50% refund. After that we can not refund the fee. However, in the event you can no longer participate, you are free to swap your spot inside your league. Please email us with the new participant’s information so we can complete the new registration.

Please use the following form to register:
Please note that we only have a limited number of spots available. The sooner you register (and pay) the better.

Of course! Feel free to contact

PS: Join the Facebook event to find other players who are coming, to set up a road trip together, or to share a hostel room!

Tag der Offenen Tür 2019

Tag der Offenen Tür 2019



Love roller derby and want to give it a try? Have no idea what roller derby is, but are keen to check out one of the coolest, fastest growing sports in the world? Then come to Bear City Roller Derby’s Open Day and get a snapshot of what it’s like to be a part of an awesome game and an incredible club!

Split into groups, participants will learn about different aspects of the game – on skates, off skates, rules and officiating – and will get the chance to strap on some skates, and roll around like a pro!

Love the sound of it, but aren’t sure playing is your thing? We’re always looking to welcome new officials/referees into our sport! More info will be available on the day!

We look forward to welcoming people of all ages, genders, and athletic abilities. Juniors, 7 – 17 years are encouraged to come and learn about our juniors programme and must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

BCRD will provide skates and safety equipment, but it’s vital participants register online beforehand, so we can do our best to ensure we have the correct sizes for everyone! If you own a pair of quad skates, please bring them along!

Afterwards, you’ll get the opportunity to watch a scrimmage, and put your newfound knowledge to the test!

Please register by Tuesday 14 May, and we’ll send you all the info you need.

Got questions? Send us an email: