Tag der Offenen Tür 2019

Tag der Offenen Tür 2019



Love roller derby and want to give it a try? Have no idea what roller derby is, but are keen to check out one of the coolest, fastest growing sports in the world? Then come to Bear City Roller Derby’s Open Day and get a snapshot of what it’s like to be a part of an awesome game and an incredible club!

Split into groups, participants will learn about different aspects of the game – on skates, off skates, rules and officiating – and will get the chance to strap on some skates, and roll around like a pro!

Love the sound of it, but aren’t sure playing is your thing? We’re always looking to welcome new officials/referees into our sport! More info will be available on the day!

We look forward to welcoming people of all ages, genders, and athletic abilities. Juniors, 7 – 17 years are encouraged to come and learn about our juniors programme and must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

BCRD will provide skates and safety equipment, but it’s vital participants register online beforehand, so we can do our best to ensure we have the correct sizes for everyone! If you own a pair of quad skates, please bring them along!

Afterwards, you’ll get the opportunity to watch a scrimmage, and put your newfound knowledge to the test!

Please register by Tuesday 14 May, and we’ll send you all the info you need.

Got questions? Send us an email: recruiting@bearcityrollerderby.com

Mission Statement

Bear City Roller Derby is a community of skaters, officials, coaches and volunteers for skaters, officials, coaches and volunteers. The decisions that affect BCRD are made by its members. We constantly strive to be a safer and more inclusive space for all, especially, but not limited to those who identify as women*, gender expansive, LGBTQIA+, BIPoC, disabled, neurodiverse, and any other marginalized identities.

It is with this goal in mind that our community will not tolerate any of the following:
racism, xenophobia, misogyny, Islamophobia, ethno-nationalism, body shaming, classism, ageism, ableism, antisemitism, antiziganism and discrimination against Ashkali or Egyptian Balkan people, homophobia, transphobia, or harassment or bullying of any kind. Those who wish to engage in bigotry or hatred will not have a place among us. To ensure this, BCRD will continually implement and improve league structures which penalize oppressive behavior.

We understand that individuals have different goals, backgrounds, and abilities. Determination, skill development, and fun all have a place within and are valued by this collective. We recognize the various contributions of our members, and every member of our league may participate according to their own priorities and needs.

We support and facilitate the growth of Junior Roller Derby, in turn supporting and facilitating the growth of Berlin’s children and young adults. We are highly engaged members of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. Our objective is to positively influence the sport of roller derby, to always try our best to reach out to diverse communities, and to never cease in our efforts to be more inclusive.