WM 2014 in Dallas

The second Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World Cup took place from the 4th till the 7th of December, 2014, in Dallas, Texas. The number of teams had grown from the thirteen national teams that participated in the last World Cup held in 2011 in Toronto, Canada, to include representing rosters from 30 different countries.
Well-established nations like the USA, Australia and Sweden were joined by Columbia, Japan, Greece and Italy this year.
Bear City Roller Derby’s successful year didn’t stop with the World Cup either. Three European national teams featured players from BCRD: Team Italy with Mad Meid, Ouch Capone and Sixxi Blitz; Team Germany with Donner Doro, Hanna Hellfire, Heavy Rotation, Lizzy Slaughter, Master Blaster, Paulina Pocket, and Titty Twister; and Team France with Kozmic Bruise.


Drei Tage in Baltimore

New York: Queens & Bronx

On Saturday (15. Sept) we played Queens of Pain and Bronx Gridlock of the Gotham Girls Roller Derby. Two regulation bouts within four hours – that was pretty intense!

The first games ended with Berlin 59:242 Queens. Quite a point differential, you think? Well, considering that our opponent had five players who also play for the current WFTDA champion, we did very well :)

For the second game we exchanged three players and finished the game with Berlin 94:243 Bronx.

Sunday we had a day off. We spent it in Coney Island, China Town or at Ginger Snap’s barbecue. On Monday we had our last breakfast in Brooklyn and started our 4h drive to Baltimore.


After spending half of the day on the highway we were full of energy and eager to join Charm City’s league practice. This took place at a skating rink with really nice wood floor and flashing colorful lights on the walls and ceiling. A rare sight in Europe!

On Tuesday we explored Mr. Pistol’s neighborhood or went to the aquarium. Later in the evening we joined Charm City’s endurance and speed skating practice. It was great to develop high speed at such a big rink. A hand full of local men’s derby skaters joined us as well.

On Wednesday we had the chance to do another round of sightseeing in Balitmore – harbor, cementry. The day ended with a scrimmage, which was a lot of fun. We played only 2x20mins so we rushed to the afterbout party right away.

A big shout out to our hosts who took care of us so lovely! Hugs to Holly GoHardly for beeing a wonderful guide in the city & kisses to I.M. Pain for preparing grits!

We are now heading to our first sanctioned bout with DC Rollergirls on Saturday, 22. Sept.

Long Island – 1. Spiel in den USA

The Long Island Roller Rebels are not only wonderful hosts, but also great opponents. Last night’s scrimmage ended with Berlin 142:174 Long Island.

The game started really well for Berlin. Within the first jams they build a solid lead of 20 points. Long Island’s jammers had to spent a fair amount of time in the box. At the end of the first period the team recovered and started building up their lead.

Both teams were good at knocking the jammer out of bounds and recycling her back. Nice to watch! In the second period Berlin could not improve the score due to several power jams of Long Island. Good offense and hard hits allowed Berlin to rack up those last points.

Long Island were great challengers. We get to take everything that we learned from this game to take on The Gotham hometeams: Queens of Pain and Bronx Gridlock! Watchout!

Tune in at 11pm/Berlin or 6pm/NYC to:

Before that, lean back and enjoy our sightseeing photos:

PS: New York is so expensive! If you want us to eat healthy and get stronger, please donate. Thank you!

New York – wir sind da!


This week we are all arriving in the states. Our first destination is New York City. If you always wanted to know, how it is to travel by plane on September 11th, well, it’s great – we had a lot of space on the plane :)

By Thursday we’ll all be on American soil:

Agent B. Fatale
Catherine Beat-Her Bonez
Candy Darling
Dr. No-No
Foxy Führer
Hanna Hellfire
Heavy Rotation
Joan of Snark
Kata Pulta
Leopold LeBoutski
Lizzy Slaughter
Master Blaster
Mel O’Drama
Apocalypse Meow
Citysin Pain
Paulina Pocket
Ethyl Trash
Great Vengeance

Our first bout

will be with the Long Island  Roller Rebels – held at Skate Safe America, Friday 14th, 8 pm… so come by if you’re around and join the event. 8 pm, yikes! For those who arrive late it’s almost like having a bout at 2 am.

A big thank you

to all those who made this endeavour possible.

First of all to our sports club SC Lurich – namely Karin & Peter, who were those who made roller derby possible in Berlin. So if you are looking for some workout in Kreuzberg, they also offer basketball, boxing, soccer, volleyball, yoga and different martial arts.

Thank you also to all the lovely derby folks who came to our two summer bootcamps, we made a lot new friends and your contributions will be spent on decent derby-related issues. We hope your learnt a lot and are ready to seriously kick ass.

This would not be possible without our wonderful hosts who prepeared their couches, matresses, blankets, sleeping bags, towels and pillows for us. Right now seven (!) of us are crashing at Lil E von Schtupp ♥

The next thank you goes to us :) Especially to those who organised the flea markets sales, pub quizzes, baked cake, sold buttons, volunteered as extras and promoted us everywhere. Hugs & kisses to our team mates and our families who stayed at home and are following our whereabouts with great excitement.