E.R.O.C 2012 Roller Derby Konferenz

We are back again after another year and as no other league/team has stepped forward we are SUPER STOKED to host the 2012 European Roller Derby Organizational Conference.  There has been SO much growth and change in 2011 that I’m sure a touch base is just what we need to figure out where we are going and how.

A little ‘history’ on the event itself:

In 2009, London Rollergirls held Roll Britannia and it became clear that European Roller Derby was an entity in and of itself. Bear City Roller Derby has since then taken the initiative to try to pull Europe’s Leaders together to start defining what that entity really is about. What are the goals, challenges, ideals, dreams, struggles, needs, wants…… you get the point.

In 2009 we hosted the first conference, which resembled a very low budget sitting circle, joining 30 attendees from 12 Leagues from 6 different countries. Euroderby.org was born out of this meeting, along with a basis for who was out there and what were they doing.

In 2011, we had all grown and had things to talk about.  The meeting swelled to over 100 attendees from over 25 leagues from 12 different countries. We set some goals, got to know each other, had some great training sessions, and moved another step forward in Euro-Derby progression.

The 2012 Conference will yet again be held in beautiful Berlin on January 27-29, 2012. While the schedule is not yet set and conference sessions are not yet known, we wanted to give everyone as much notice as possible to pencil those dates in!

Here are a couple details to look for:

1. Please fill out the poll for session ideas and feel free to make any suggestions you can think of to make this conference more relevant for your league. This Poll will last through 31st of October.


2. After the Poll is closed the registration materials will be made available on the 1st of November.  All registration materials and conference fees will be due by the 20th of November. All registration confimation will be sent out no later than 30th of November.

3. A facebook site will be created for attendee questions, documents, planning etc.

4. In previous years we have not limited the number of representatives each league/team has been permitted to bring.  This year we will limit the attendees to 4 skaters/organizers per league. Referees are NOT considered a part of this 4 and are encouraged to register separate from their league.

Whew…. You guys are great! As always we are eternally grateful (in advance) for everyones patience in all processes.

See you soon!

Master Blaster