European Roller Derby Organizational Conference (EROC) 2009

Hosted by the Berlin Bombshells

Calling all Derby fiends!

After what was no doubt, an incredibly successful tournament in London (thanks again LRG), we believe it is time to get organized.

Berlin will host what we hope will become a yearly event: EROC, the first European Rollerderby Organizational Conference. This meeting will be a gathering of all league leaders in Europe, from coaches and managers to officials and moderators. The more leagues we have represented the better we can all get on the same page regarding where, when and how we would like to bring our sport forward.

During the weekend of December 4-6, EROC is planning to include group conferences, scheduling, planning forums, Q&A sessions, and of course a little friendly game play. Please go to and sign up for membership on the message board. This is the best way for us to find out exactly what everyone is thinking about and plan the weekend accordingly.

Again that link is

Details and website are soon to come.

We hope to see you all there!