Roller Derby Konferenz Recap!

A total of 81 leagues from 15 countries all over Europe took part in this year’s EROC. The conference has been going strong for the last four years in Berlin, and has been organized by Bear City Roller Derby. During the two-day event, skaters and officials met to discuss the future of roller derby in Europe.


Roller girls, officials, and for the first time, roller guys also attended the 43 workshops to talk about roller derby in general and also on a topic-specific basis. Some sessions were divided to cater to beginner, intermediate and experienced leagues, while others were conducted per nationality for other discussions. Leagues from individual countries were given a platform with which organization and development of roller derby in their nations could be openly discussed. Other workshops focused on themes like sponsoring, mental coaching, league organization, equipment and nutrition.  Two guests graced our European shores for EROC 2013 after a hop across the pond to talk about WFTDA and the new rules set: Bloody Mary and PantiChrist, who both held Q&As for workshop participants. Officials also enjoyed various workshops on such topics as bout preparation for officials, officiating codes of conduct, as well as NSO training and development.


EROC 2013 began on Friday night that weekend, and workshops weren’t the only reason for excitement, of course everyone had been looking forward to the opening party in Edelweiß for a long time. Everybody danced, chatted, and made merry, and more or less made it (in some cases, directly from the party) to registration and breakfast the next morning. From there, the entirety of the attending derby community went to take part in their various sessions. The conference rooms were named after the Jackson Five: Michael, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Jackie, in hopes of there being enough space for workshops to be conducted congruously. One session came after another each day, from morning till evening, with longer breaks set aside for lunch where everyone could come together and talk about the sessions already attended and which ones they might head to next.

EROC ended on Sunday afternoon with a brilliant scrimmage in which all roster limitations for skaters and officials were done away with and (we hope) everyone had a great time!