Open Call: Head Coaches and Bench Coaches – Bear City Roller Derby Wants You!

Foto: Michael Wittig

Bear City Roller Derby aims to grow our amazing network of members, and is seeking expressions of interest from coaches and bench coaches to be part of the greatest sports league Berlin has to offer!

Head Coaches and Bench Coaches

Coaches and bench staff are an integral part of roller derby, and no league can survive without them. Our A, B, and C teams are on the lookout for dedicated support that can see us through the 2020 season. The A team plays in international sanctioned games; the B team plays in the 1st German Bundesliga, and in some unsanctioned European games; the C team plays in the 3rd German Bundesliga, and in some unsanctioned European games. 

You don’t need to be a roller derby aficionado, but experience in competitive sports would be highly desirable. Fill out this Google form, and let’s get rolling!

NB: We cannot pay coaches and bench staff, but do cover some travel costs.

Head Coach

  1. Work with the team captains, the training committee, and logistics committee to plan out the season’s games and training schedule
  2. Work with the team captains and training committee to establish training plans, and run trainings when applicable
  3. Work with team captains and team to set and monitor season goals
  4. Develop rosters and lineups with captains,  trainers, and bench staff
  5. Assess and monitor individual and team performance, address areas for development, and provide feedback throughout the season
  6. Work with the team captains to plan and deliver pre-game preparation and communication with the team, including meetings, and tournament information packs
  7. Coach at bouts and serve as the alternate captain (A)
  8. Assist with travel, game, and tournament logistics
  9. Ensure all team members uphold the bylaws of Bear City Roller Derby, and the rules and regulations of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA)
  10. Other responsibilities as they arise

Bench Coach

  1. Develop rosters and lineups with captains, trainers, and bench staff
  2. Deliver lineups at games
  3. Support captains, and coach on game day
  4. Provide live statistics updates during games
  5. Support captains, trainers, and coach and during trainings
  6. Provide feedback to players when necessary