WM 2014 in Dallas

The second Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World Cup took place from the 4th till the 7th of December, 2014, in Dallas, Texas. The number of teams had grown from the thirteen national teams that participated in the last World Cup held in 2011 in Toronto, Canada, to include representing rosters from 30 different countries.
Well-established nations like the USA, Australia and Sweden were joined by Columbia, Japan, Greece and Italy this year.
Bear City Roller Derby’s successful year didn’t stop with the World Cup either. Three European national teams featured players from BCRD: Team Italy with Mad Meid, Ouch Capone and Sixxi Blitz; Team Germany with Donner Doro, Hanna Hellfire, Heavy Rotation, Lizzy Slaughter, Master Blaster, Paulina Pocket, and Titty Twister; and Team France with Kozmic Bruise.


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