Anfänger-Tests & Freizeit-Training

As a league we are constantly growing, and therefore as such we need to change and adapt to our new circumstances.

For the past 3 years we have been flooded with fresh meat that have wanted to play roller derby in Berlin and beyond. In 2011 we offered four 3-month newbie courses a year. Every person who successfully passed their minimum skills test was allowed to participate in league training and scrimmage with the veteran players.

While the A & B-Team players progressed, the level of play of the newbies leaving the fresh meat course was more or less the same. Soon we realized that the original 3-months were not enough to train skaters to an appropriate level. Following this, the newbie course expanded to 4 months and then to 6 months. Recently we also introduced an 4-month intermediate training course to close the gap between the newbies and the veterans.

In order to balance the number of players in the league, two newbie courses a year was deemed a reasonable amount, when considering the flux of current players on leave, those returning after leave. 60 skaters are a fair number to accommodate with our hall time. What we want to achieve, is to improve the skill level of the newest players within the resources we have to offer.

This is why we have decided to accept only the best newbies every 6 months.

What does ‘the best’ mean? Just as we evaluate our veteran skaters, we will evaluate all those who apply for the newbie course. We will test the skating skills in terms of agility, speed, stability, strength, endurance, etc. A good indicator of how good you need to be is the current WFTDA minimum skills test. If you are close to pass it, you can be confident that we will accept you.

The first try-out will be in July 2013 and the list is already closed. If you want to join in January 2014, please contact

So what happens if you don’t get accepted into the newbie course?

Don’t worry, we offer a solution for that as well :) In a few weeks we will launch our recreational league. A Rec. League, in derby jargon, is an opportunity to practice the sport on a casual basis. No attendance lists, no drill instructor, no committee work – just you, your gear, 2 hrs a week.

Our aim for our Rec. League is to offer quad skaters in Berlin the opportunity to discover roller derby in an informal context. It will be a place for skaters of varying levels to practice skating, blocking, wall work and chat about derby.


These are all big and exciting changes that reflect the development of roller derby in Berlin. We are growing, we are getting stronger. The Berlin Bombshells want to give women who exhibit the biggest commitment the opportunity to train and play on a competitive European level. At the same time, we also want to see the sport to be accessible to those within the Berlin community and widen its appeal. We hope that these changes will enable us to achieve these goals.

Deutsche Meister­schaft wir kommen!

28. – 30. June 2013, Stuttgart

This coming weekend will be completely devoted to roller derby! Stuttgart, the capitol of Baden Württemberg, will play host to the second ever German Roller Derby Championship. The last German Championship, which took place three years ago in Berlin, saw five teams compete against each other for  the title; this time around, the number of teams has doubled. Beside our hosts, the Stuttgart Valley Roller Girls, the participating teams will include:

  • Cologne Roller Derby,
  • Ruhrpott Roller Girls,
  • rocKArollers Karlsruhe,
  • Rollergirls of the Apocalypse,
  • Hamburg Harbor Girls,
  • Munich Rolling Rebels,
  • Barockcity Rollerderby
  • and, of course, us – the Berlin Bomshells of Bear City Roller Derby.

This weekend is a huge sign of how extensively this sport has developed in Germany during just the last few years. German Roller Derby should be proud of itself! And what a weekend it will be – the whole German derby family will be there: players, officials and fans, all in one place. Everyone is very excited to meet old friends and acquaintances on this grandiose occasion – another German Championship! Who will be the best and take home the title this time? We have yet to see…

Four of the ten bouts will take place on Friday, and we Berlin Bombshellls will take on our first opponent on Saturday. The Bombshells’ roster will be comprised of:

Agent B. Fatale, Cathrine Beat-Her Bonez, Donner Doro, DeviLena, Ethyl Trash, Emmazon, Foxy Führer, Great Vengeance, Heavy Rotation, Lizzy Slaughter, Maggie Messer, Master Blaster, Paulina Pocket and Titty Twista, Chemical Ketchup, Karo’ Bolage, McHerCry, Mia Missile, Ouch Capone and Skullhead O’Hara.

(Ban)Anna and Daniel will be our beautiful bench coaches.

The first bout will be followed by two others on Sunday, in which the Bombshells will show what they’re really made of. If the Bombshells make it to the final round, we hope to end this Sunday as champions, and, of course, party like winners no matter what happens.

Wish us luck and watch us on the live stream!

Nachbericht: Anarchy in the UK III

(C) Craig Richmond

The lobby of the Guildford Travelodge was full of skaters and refs on the Friday evening before the start of “Anarchy in the UK” – an international roller derby tournament hosted for the 3rd time by the London Rollergirls. Not much partying was to be seen. The tone was eager, but subdued, as more and more people arrived and scurried off to their rooms to get a good night’s sleep before the events of the next day.

The Guildford Spectrum is somewhat of a maze, a gigantic sports center including a water park, swimming pool, ice rink, climbing walls and who knows what else! On the lowest level of the center, a wooden court was to be used for our derby purposes, with a floor similar to Bear City’s own slippery basketball hall. Cameras were everywhere, ready to record the action, some of which were obviously there for a television series which features the London Rollergirls. The stage was set for a fantastic weekend…

Berlin and Edinburgh’s Twisted Thistles had faced each other twice before, resulting in two wins for Bear City – once by a greater margin in 2012, and once by a single point in 2011. The two are both celebrating five years rolling this year. Saturday was set to be an exciting bout where anything could happen, and this bout delivered just that: Auld Reekie pulled ahead quickly in the first half largely thanks to Admiral Attackbar’s quick and powerful jamming and Crazy Legs’ smart defense. The score was tied for a short time at 64 – 64 just after the half, followed by a lead change which gave Berlin a foot in the door. Solid jamming from Master Blaster and Resident Shevil kept the points up, but another lead change resulting from a power jam began the Scottish team’s march to victory. A steady ten point difference that increased at 15 minutes left on the clock, Berlin skaters being sent to the box and a final power jam, followed by Lilo’n’Stitches taking lead jammer, gave Auld Reekie a hard earned win of 147 to Berlin’s 99.

Many people fell right into bed after the bout, but some brave souls did dance at the Prom Night after party. Most of the Berlin  crew were asleep before their heads hit their pillows.

The next day was also full of excitement, our entire group descended on a cafe in Guildford for brunch and to celebrate Resident Shevil’s birthday! After cake and English breakfast and a lot of tea, the skaters headed to the venue, warmed up and shook off the previous day’s loss with happy jitters and positive energy. Chicago’s win over London by just 17 points showed their ferocity and stubbornness on the track, something Berlin skaters were looking forward to going up against. Windy City awaited…

The bout began with power jams occurring on both sides, with the expected lead in points by Chicago. About ten minutes in, a back block sent Windy’s jammer to the box, giving Berlin the chance to lead for just a moment with 21 – 17. To the alternating relief/disappointment of Bear City, Bork Bork Bork was not on the track, but instead bench coaching. In her place, Sargentina did much of the defensive work for Windy City, and a great job of it, too. In spite of Windy’s amazing pack work, Donner Doro, a new jammer for the Berlin A-team, showed her great agility and juking skills. Chicago quickly pulled ahead in points and led with 188 to 52 by the half. Again, power jams occurred on both sides and Windy’s deadly ability of dragging the Berlin jammers back threw more points up on the board. Agent B. Fatale’s usage of the same tactic several times also did a great job of winding Chicago’s jammers. With about two minutes left on the clock, a massive hit on Donner Doro by Sargentina sent the Sarge to the box and Doro down for the count. At the same time Zoe Trocious showed no mercy and racked up her points in the powerjam situation, to the great unhappiness of the crowd. A final jam for Master Blaster in the last minutes of the game almost brought Berlin’s points up to three digits, with a final score of 96 – 420 in Windy City’s favor.

Hugs were exchanged, photos were taken, and a great chant rose up from the skaters as they made their way to the after party…

And what an afterparty it was! Flares in Guildford hosted, and not only were great skaters, refs and NSOs in attendance, but some of the most awesome leggings ever – extravagant boutfits have definitely been replaced by fab afterboutfits. Windy City appeared in head-to-toe American flag style and ordered the biggest cocktails possible. Everyone danced, limbo’d, and danced some more until last call at 1 am came and the crowd was hustled out into the street and the awaiting party bus whisked the Londoners and Chicagoans away. Those still in Guildford made their ways back to their hotels for a last drink and a well-deserved sleep.

We’d like to thank, all the announcers, Inside Line Magazine, Surrey Roller Girls and London Roller Girls for hosting such a fantastic event, as well as Berlin’s officials, Dr. No No and Martin McFly, for a coming along and doing a great job in the zebra pack. We can’t wait till next time.