Open Call: Head Coaches and Bench Coaches – Bear City Roller Derby Wants You!

Foto: Michael Wittig

Bear City Roller Derby aims to grow our amazing network of members, and is seeking expressions of interest from coaches and bench coaches to be part of the greatest sports league Berlin has to offer!

Head Coaches and Bench Coaches

Coaches and bench staff are an integral part of roller derby, and no league can survive without them. Our A, B, and C teams are on the lookout for dedicated support that can see us through the 2020 season. The A team plays in international sanctioned games; the B team plays in the 1st German Bundesliga, and in some unsanctioned European games; the C team plays in the 3rd German Bundesliga, and in some unsanctioned European games. 

You don’t need to be a roller derby aficionado, but experience in competitive sports would be highly desirable. Fill out this Google form, and let’s get rolling!

NB: We cannot pay coaches and bench staff, but do cover some travel costs.

Head Coach

  1. Work with the team captains, the training committee, and logistics committee to plan out the season’s games and training schedule
  2. Work with the team captains and training committee to establish training plans, and run trainings when applicable
  3. Work with team captains and team to set and monitor season goals
  4. Develop rosters and lineups with captains,  trainers, and bench staff
  5. Assess and monitor individual and team performance, address areas for development, and provide feedback throughout the season
  6. Work with the team captains to plan and deliver pre-game preparation and communication with the team, including meetings, and tournament information packs
  7. Coach at bouts and serve as the alternate captain (A)
  8. Assist with travel, game, and tournament logistics
  9. Ensure all team members uphold the bylaws of Bear City Roller Derby, and the rules and regulations of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA)
  10. Other responsibilities as they arise

Bench Coach

  1. Develop rosters and lineups with captains, trainers, and bench staff
  2. Deliver lineups at games
  3. Support captains, and coach on game day
  4. Provide live statistics updates during games
  5. Support captains, trainers, and coach and during trainings
  6. Provide feedback to players when necessary


EROC 2020

Banner EROC 2020


The European Roller Derby Organizational Conference (EROC) was started in 2009 to give European roller derby leagues an opportunity to come together, work through the issues that affect them most and share vision, intentions and knowledge. Since its founding, EROC has continued to grow and innovate as an organization. EROC 2020 will follow through in its mission of shaping together European Roller Derby.

The next EROC is happening under a special sign: 10 years of EROC! So many things have happened in those last 10 year. And so many questions still need answers: Where does European Roller Derby currently stand? What effects do and will political events like Brexit have on our sport? Did we reach our goals for more inclusion and diversity? How will the collaboration with governing bodies continue? Do we have the best knowledge transfer in European roller derby or how can we improve it? There are so many more questions and topics that we want to discuss with you. Let’s critically review the past 10 years and lay the foundation for the next even better 10 years!

EROC lives from the active participation of all people involved. For this, we need engaged and motivated speakers in order to discuss all the topics that excite and interest us. What moved you or your league in the past 10 years? What challenges were you able to overcome? What challenges are still to come in the future? What topics would you like to discuss with other (fellow) skaters, officials, coaches, volunteers and all the amazing supporters of our sport? Use this opportunity and apply to be a speaker at EROC. You can choose if you want to hold a workshop (active group work) or a session (presentation with Q&A). Or maybe both? Follow this link and present us your topic(s) of choice. We are super excited and are looking forward to your ideas!

Roller derby is a sport where the support comes from the skater, for the skater, by the skater. As the global systems develop, we believe that it is critical that every member of the Derby community has the opportunity to be informed about the elements at play, ask questions, bring their vision foreword. EROC offers this important platform to the entire European Roller Derby community.

The original goal of our exchange at EROC was to help leagues in shaping the evolution of their sport on the European continent and to represent the interests of their membership. In addition to facilitating discussion, the conference also provides an informational platform to assist leagues in their continuing individual, organizational and structural development. As a supplement to the WFTDA Annual Meeting, the EROC Conference provides an important platform for the European Contingent. In our role as representatives of European roller derby within the WFTDA, some of the key issues include the training and support of organizations within the WFTDA as well as establishing better understanding of our needs as an association.

Since its founding, there have been a number of recent milestones within EROC. In 2013 and 2014, the mandate was implemented to create national roller derby organizations within Europe. The years 2014 and 2015 were fruitful years in assisting the growth of national organizations in most European countries. Additionally, the national bodies were busy and are pleased with the product of their joint efforts: The European Roller Derby Association.

EROC 2016 introduced a number of changes in response to the previous years’ development and skater feedback. It expanded the workshop selection over the course of the conference and gave leagues and their representatives the opportunity to really dive into the material presented by workshop leaders, instead of just skimming over it. A further change seen at EROC 2016 was in the structure of the discussion sessions. The goal of EROC 2016 was to create real transparency and understanding for each league about who is doing what where in European and Global roller derby while, at the same time, providing real learning experiences for every level of league. EROC 2017 worked on developing even more new sessions and innovative workshops to inspire leagues and skaters alike.

We decided to take a pause for one year to give ourselves the time to reflect upon the cogent and actual necessities, topics and issues of European Roller Derby now and to organize an always more inclusive conference. EROC 2019 came back with a new structure and more content. Four days long we discussed, reflected, questioned in workshops and sessions, and strengthened our european roller derby community. The conference in 2020 might be shortened a bit, but will not be less intensive. 🙂

Save the date +++ EROC 2020 +++ 31/01-02/02/2019 +++ You don’t want to miss it!
Check this Facebook Page regularly to get the latest updates on EROC 2020!